Drink Driver Education

‘Back on Track’ Drink Driver Education – Remote Delivery


The ‘Back on Track’ drink driver education course is an NT Government program and is a mandatory pre requisite for all persons who have been convicted of a drink driving offence and want to get their licences back. Territory Trainers run the ‘Back on Track’ drink driver education course on behalf of the NT government for the Tiwi Islands and East/West Arnhem & VRD shires. We are a private company who receive no external funding and deliver the course to remote locations on a full cost recovery basis and so require a valid purchase order for all bookings.The remote delivery version of this course runs as an intensive over two days, usually 9am to 3pm. If your community’s flight timetable has flights arriving and departing around lunchtime then the course runs for two half days and one full day, for example a course at Warruwi would have to start lunchtime on a Monday and finish late morning on the following Wednesday.

We have set up the course to cater for ESL/low literacy and always provide two trainers to ensure that all participants have a complete understanding of course content.

Course requirements

In order to run the course on your community we require a training room with a whiteboard. We also require use of a vehicle for one hour during the course and accommodation for two trainers. If your organisation chooses to book our airfares and accommodation then we are happy to postpone and reschedule the course with 48 hrs notice should an unexpected event, such as a funeral, occur on the dates for which the course is booked.

Course cost

It is possible for CDP providers to host the course as a CDP activity which any interested participants (not just those convicted of drink driving) may attend as a drug and alcohol education program.  The CDP provider is not paying for the certificates. There are no minimum participant numbers for this type of course delivery.

We charge the host organisation $2800 plus costs* to run the full course as a CDP activity (covering all of the content from units 1 & 2). The certificate cost is set by the NT Government at $280 for unit 1 or $350 units for 1 & 2, and is considered to be a component of the drink driving fines so should be paid by the offender. We issue an invoice ($280 or $350) to any participants who require a certificate to get their license back and they usually set up a payment plan with Centrelink: as soon as it is paid off we issue the certificate.

Alternatively we will accept a purchase order for a minimum of 10 participants ($3500) plus our costs. Many organisations set up their own payment plans with participants and prefer to use this option.

Please supply your organisation’s ABN and purchase order number to confirm the booking once delivery dates have been set.

Participants require photo ID** and must pass breath test each morning before commencing course.

* If we have to hire a training room, vehicle, accommodation (for two trainers) and/or provide catering for participants this will increase the total cost.
** If no photo ID we can use stat dec or similar endorsement of ID from community organisation.